The Enlightenment

The Enlightenment

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Grab a picnic blanket, some assorted grapes, and we’ll meet you wherever! We’ve got a couple dates posted, sign yourself up.

Office Hours

There's a good chance we're gearing up to play some concerts near you. We'll see you there?

It's simple...

We play music in beautiful places for beautiful people.

Hi, we are the Enlightenment

thanks for checking us out! There is an extremely large chance we are the world's first and only Keytar trio specializing in the Organ works of J.S. Bach... possibly.

We are here to bring inspiring music to completely unexpected places. Whether you're sitting on a park bench or celebrating grandma's birthday, our mission is to bring a bit of joy into your day.

Meet the Team

Before they called us the Enlightenment, we were just three eclectic friends with a love of Bach and the desire to share his music with the world. Arising out of the murky waters of Stow Lake, a water nymph granted us three magical keytars thus sealing our destiny.

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We'd love to play for you

We specialize in afternoon picnics, birthday parties for dogs, spontaneous parades, and anything you can imagine

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